Service & Repairs


Your luggage has a warranty which covers manufacturing defects in workmanship and materials. Our warranty does not cover repairs resulting from carrier damage, misuse or neglect of the product, normal wear and tear, or repairs beyond the warranty period.

The warranty is utilized through our authorized repair centers. The authorized repair center will make the determination whether the damage is due to a manufacturing defect. If it is a manufacturing defect, they will repair your luggage and bill Samsonite directly. If it is not repairable they will order you a replacement bag. If they feel it is not a manufacturing defect, they will contact you with an estimate before making any repairs to your luggage.

To receive warranty service, please take or ship your product to one of our authorized repair centers (CLICK HERE to find the Repair Centre closest to you - Select "REPAIR CENTERS", enter your province, then click the GO button). If a repair facility is not convenient for you, you may complete the Repair Request Form and ship the luggage to the nearest authorized repair center. Detailed instructions are provided on the Repair Request Form

You can also visit one of our Samsonite Company Stores for assistance in shipping your luggage at a minimal charge.

The Authorized Repair Center will make the final determination on the status of the product with the possible following outcomes:

· The product is repairable and covered under warranty:
- The product will be repaired at Samsonite's expense and returned to you.

· The product is not repairable and covered under warranty:
- If the same product is in stock, the product will be sent directly to you.
- If the product is unavailable, a comparable item will be sent.
- Note: The Authorized Repair Center will request a replacement for you from Samsonite.

· The product is repairable and not covered under warranty:
- If it is determined that the product is repairable but is not covered under warranty, you may either have the product returned to you un-repaired, or have the product repaired at your own expense.

· The product is not repairable and not covered under warranty.
- You can elect to have the Authorized Repair Center send the product back to you un-repaired, or you may ask the Authorized Repair Center to dispose of the product.

Pour la service en français, veuillez contacter notre équipe de service à la clientèle chez ou 1-800-265-4933. Ils sont disponibles lundi-vendredi 8:30am-5:00pm EST.